Rustling Paper Bag Blob of Doom

August 15th, 2011 by Steneub

The new kitty did something hilarious last night.

I had come home from the grocery store and put the bags on the counter in the kitchen. I put a few things in the fridge and went to the next room for a couple minutes. When I came back, she was up on the counter (where she knows she’s not supposed to be) rooting around in an empty plastic bag. I thought I would just shoo her away and that would be it.

She scrambled away and off the counter, but the handle of the bag was still wrapped around her midsection as she moved. She started flipping out more and more as she vainly tried to escape the Rustling Paper Bag Blob of Doom! It was over pretty quick, but I’d say she ran the kitchen-hall-living room circuit twice in about 6 seconds and bolted for the safety of the bedroom and dashed under the bed. Also picture me trying to catch her and remove the bag.

Cue Yakety Sax, for sure.

Everything turned out fine though – except for the bag. I retrieved it less a beg and more a butchered carcass. Kitty got some good revenge apparently.


August 3rd, 2011 by Steneub

Jealousy is what it is.

A friend of mine made a Google+ post about an upcoming (super-awesome) game as we gaming nerds are wont to do, then another friend commented appeared on the post:

“Yay! It’s that game I’ve been workin’ on!”

My rage meter immediately pegged into Danger.

Yes, he works on games. Yes, I used to as well. Yes, he and I used to be coworkers.

I’m mad because I no longer work in the Game Industry. Insert sour grapes here about what a horrible industry it is. If it were really all that horrible, then why would I be so incensed right now?

A standard response to the way I feel is “I guess you don’t want it bad enough,” which I guess is pretty correct. Words are hard to come by in this matter.

Blind jealousy.

Collection Agency

July 26th, 2011 by Steneub

This debt-ceiling thing the United States government is dealing with has me really spooked. I honestly don’t know whether they’re going to pull this one out before the August 2 epoch. I do know it could lead to some very interesting times if they don’t.

The situation is actually very simple: The US has a debt on which they are threatening to default. Just like a personal loan, what happens when you default? The creditors get a bit peeved and they do what they can to get you to pay. Scale that up to the level of nations and now you begin to understand why I’m scared.

Level-headed nations to whom we’re indebted may work out refinancing and other payment options and that’s sane. I’m more worried about the powerful nations that really could decide to send some repo-men of their own. “You can’t pay? This flatscreen TVSilicon Valley is a good start. Oh, still not able to pay? I’ll just have a party inblockade your swimming poolGulf of Mexico.”

The solution is simple*. Just like private debt, spend less and earn more. Spending less will rile the folks up, but if it’s an impartial cut like, say, 15% cuts across the board, no one program can be reasonably mad at any other program because they’re all hurting 15%. NASA can still be mad Defense is getting a much larger portion of the pie, but that’s an old grievance that can be addressed another time.

Earning more is tricky. How does a nation get a raise or a second job? One solution is raising taxes, but I believe that’s self-destructive in the long run. I’d like to entertain the second job. The government could sell use-time of its services and programs. “Hey you! Nation-state struggling to defend your borders! Yeah, you! Want some of the finest mercenaries money can buy?” We could rent national parks out to other nations for a few quarters at a time. “Yosemite: open to the European Union.”

I just hope they figure it out before August 2.

Life Anew!

July 21st, 2011 by Steneub

I can scarcely believe it has been as long as May 10 since my last post. At least the last one wasn’t something like “I should post more, brb.”

The art project with the pirate has sadly languished and DM / Role-playing tool has been plodding along at a slow pace – mostly because it’s something I like to mess with while I’m playing in Dave’s campaign. The other classifying thing? Yeah I don’t think I have enough Asperger’s in reserve to sustain that for any appreciable length of time.

There was a vacation in the intervening time! I went to Jacksonville, Florida for a week. I could have gone to any beach I wanted, but I wanted to see an old friend that currently lives there – an old flame, really. While I was relaxing in Jacksonville, though, I realized that there was someone else whom I actually wanted.

Monica and I  had met very briefly at a small event my good friends Jeff and Hollee put together. A few weeks later (and a few weeks prior to my vacation), I met with Monica solo for the first time at a quiet bar and we talked for a long time. We saw each other several times after that, really hitting it off.

The beach, of course, has tons of women in swimsuits, most very good looking, and many of those in a jaw-dropping fashion, but it was more like “Oh, that’s nice, but I’d rather be with Monica.” That was when things clicked for me, and I’ve told Monica how I felt. Since my breakup with Ame, I’d seen a few girls, but there wasn’t that connection; that feeling of loss when separated.

In the last month, we became unashamedly Facebook-officially in a relationship. I love Monica and can see myself loving her for a long time.

Now, not to completely mush my blog up (too late!), my beach trip also showed me how much I like loose-fitting button-up shirts. I bought a couple beforehand because I didn’t want to take my standard wardrobe of black t-shirts to the beach and bake myself. After coming back, I am now a mostly shorts and loose-fitting shirt guy – even at work. I’ve gotten so many unsolicited compliments on my new look and comments about how it’s like I’m a completely different person now.

July 2011 is the new Steve!


May 10th, 2011 by Steneub

My time at home is filled with projects! That’s cool, right?

On the grill I’ve got:

  • An art piece featuring a pirate!

The art piece is for a friend’s birthday. I’m pretty certain I won’t meet the date for a physical delivery of a print by her birthday, but at the very least, I want to finish it digitally so I can show it to her. There is nothing but some social awkwardness to power through, but Carissa is gracious enough to accept it with a smile. I had it on the docket as something to get to eventually, but when I heard her birthday was coming up, it was the perfect gift for her.

  • A Dungeon Master’s / Role-playing tool

I call it Tabletop, and I’ve got a handful of people using it. Right now, it is basically a piece of custom blog/forum software designed to handle multiple users so they can talk to each-other as their characters (and the game master). I got the idea when I started a game via E-mail that spiraled beyond my (and some of my players’) grasp. There had to be a better way, and I saw this as a great opportunity to practice coding.

There are many features planned for the future, so it should be cool to see it develop while I guide my players through the world I’ve made for them.

  • New game-classifying project

It just spawned in my head today and I think it may have some real legs (along with the other thousand crackpot ideas I’ve got). It is very much in its infancy, but I’ve got some other gamer-nerds on the project as well. It is supposed to classify games into the core real genres by what elements they possess so you can really see that The Legend of Zelda, for example, is actually an adventure game, and not a role-playing game.

I’ve stumbled across some other oddities as well, one of which was pretty shocking: You know those Full Motion Video games in which you just pick some dialogue options and the story progresses from your choices? They were just glorified Choose Your Own Adventure books, really, but I discovered their closest neighbor as far as conceptual gameplay is Pac-Man! Choose Your Own Adventure is simply a maze game: you choose your path and sometimes you finish the maze, but you reach a dead-end more often.

This one is pretty cool, and there are a lot of options on the table yet for which direction it can go – it doesn’t even have a name yet!