Life Anew!

I can scarcely believe it has been as long as May 10 since my last post. At least the last one wasn’t something like “I should post more, brb.”

The art project with the pirate has sadly languished and DM / Role-playing tool has been plodding along at a slow pace – mostly because it’s something I like to mess with while I’m playing in Dave’s campaign. The other classifying thing? Yeah I don’t think I have enough Asperger’s in reserve to sustain that for any appreciable length of time.

There was a vacation in the intervening time! I went to Jacksonville, Florida for a week. I could have gone to any beach I wanted, but I wanted to see an old friend that currently lives there – an old flame, really. While I was relaxing in Jacksonville, though, I realized that there was someone else whom I actually wanted.

Monica and I  had met very briefly at a small event my good friends Jeff and Hollee put together. A few weeks later (and a few weeks prior to my vacation), I met with Monica solo for the first time at a quiet bar and we talked for a long time. We saw each other several times after that, really hitting it off.

The beach, of course, has tons of women in swimsuits, most very good looking, and many of those in a jaw-dropping fashion, but it was more like “Oh, that’s nice, but I’d rather be with Monica.” That was when things clicked for me, and I’ve told Monica how I felt. Since my breakup with Ame, I’d seen a few girls, but there wasn’t that connection; that feeling of loss when separated.

In the last month, we became unashamedly Facebook-officially in a relationship. I love Monica and can see myself loving her for a long time.

Now, not to completely mush my blog up (too late!), my beach trip also showed me how much I like loose-fitting button-up shirts. I bought a couple beforehand because I didn’t want to take my standard wardrobe of black t-shirts to the beach and bake myself. After coming back, I am now a mostly shorts and loose-fitting shirt guy – even at work. I’ve gotten so many unsolicited compliments on my new look and comments about how it’s like I’m a completely different person now.

July 2011 is the new Steve!

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  1. Monica Says:

    I love you too!!! You are the sweetest ever!

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